Starting Over

The Pendulum Swing. 

It’s come full circle. I have lived long enough to be able to say this: the pendulum swing in K-12 is real.

By now, you should probably know that my name is Sheron Brown, and some of you may even know that I’m an educator. What you may not know is that I’ve been in the field of education for almost 20 years, and I have seen enough changes to now know for sure that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

My passion has always been to help educators be their best, yes personally, but mainly instructionally. (See my background on LinkedIn.) And over the years, I have learned that despite all the fads, Acts, boxes of resources and new intervention programs, what matters most is instructional know-how.

So, I’m starting over.

As a fellow teacher, I am rededicating myself to helping my colleagues–known and unknown–be their best by focusing only on what my fellow teachers want and need to be kick-butt, rockstar, instructional experts…also known as “effective teachers.”

No trends, no tricks, no fads, no bags! (I needed a rhyme.😊)

If you want to join me as a teacher helping teachers get better, then leave me your email so we can get and stay connected. It would also be great if you left me a comment below to share your thoughts about the K-12 pendulum. If you make the choice to share that precious commodity with me (your email address) I promise to only share what will help you unleash your potential and be your best!

Here’s to being connected, real and BEING OUR BEST!

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